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"Mew" is a state of mind and heart


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"Mew" is a state of mind and heart


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Adele - Sparks 1 - Ani
I have an off-topic question to ask...and I thought, who else better to ask than cat owners?

I know a few of you might have seen me rant about this on more than one occasion.

Degan's sister has 2 cats. One is old. Like...between 8 and...something.

He gets sick a lot, and has some odd habits. I have a picture of him sitting in the (empty) bathtub...and I have no photo evidence of this, but I DO have witnesses, that this cat sits in the toilt. He doesn't drink out of it, he doesn't sit on it, he sits *in* the bowl. It's particularly annoying when one waslks into wet kitty pawprints on the cold floor with bare feet...and also...it's just gross, because the cat'll slink up to anyone sitting in the living room, and they'll pat their abdomens and say, "Oh, come up and lay on me, kitty".

I'm just curious if anyone here has or had a cat that did that...
...or even if you have an idea as to why this one might be doing it...

Sorry, that was totally off-topic. If nothing else, I hope you found the image of a pair of green eyes glowing up from the toliet bowl to be amusing. XD
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