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"Mew" is a state of mind and heart

Starlight Distortion - Eyes [extended drabble]

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"Mew" is a state of mind and heart

Starlight Distortion - Eyes [extended drabble]

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So, according to my computer clock, I still have time.

This is from a larger original work of mine that's In Progress called The Secret of Birch Creek. I'm not quite sure where this will go at the moment.

Title: Eyes
Characters: Jaime, Savannah
Word Count: 412 words
Summary: Savannah always had an interesting way of giving gifts.


Threads of liquid Nitrogen fell around Jaime’s face, and he awoke with a start. Suddenly his whole head was swimming in the freezing cold. Dropping to the ground again, he looked up and saw stars through Savannah’s breasts. It was like looking through three mirrors.

"Like the view?" she asked. If he looked hard enough, he could see her trying to hide a smile. Jaime wasn’t sure if it was the sky that did it or because his beating heart made it difficult to concentrate.

"Does it count as cheating if the person’s dead?" Jaime said.

Savannah floated a foot away as Jaime pushed himself into a sitting position. He could tell she was deep in thought the way she chewed on her hair. Then she grimaced, and spit out a piece of seaweed. It disappeared before it hit the ground in a wisp.

"I don’t know, but you’re not like that," she said. "I’m just joking."

"I know."

The skin on Jaime’s face still stung from where Savannah had touched him. He winced as he felt his cheek out of instinct to make sure he was still fine. No burns. Quicksilver lied when he said the phantom pain would only last a second.

Savannah floated in front of Jaime and gave him a slow smile. He could see her now, with a tree to her back. "C’mon, I want to show you something." She made the motion of grabbing for his hand but falling short. An apology, then?

Jaime stood up. "What’s so important that you’d wake me up from my dream?"

"I wanted to show you something you’ve never seen before," she said.


Savannah jerked her head towards the sky. Jaime looked up. He looked back at Savannah, and saw that she was smiling. He looked up again.

"Mike owed me a favor. Forecast was clear this evening, so I called it in."

Jaime couldn’t stop staring. He was going to get a cramp in his neck like this, his body said. His mind said to shut up as he traced Draco’s tail with his eye.

"I know you’re sad you can’t go with Zack up north. I thought this was the next best thing."

"...Sav, this is even better than the school telescope."

"I know. These are what my eyes are like."

"...are you serious? Are the others like this too?"

She nodded. "Mike gave us that gift too. Looking at infinity every night helps living with eternity."


Comments and criticisms appreciated! ♥
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