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"Mew" is a state of mind and heart

January Challenge

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"Mew" is a state of mind and heart

January Challenge

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...I ficced. >,> Excuse me.

Prompt: "Starlight Distortion"
Length: 734 words
Genre: Bleach fanfic
Characters: Ishida Uryuu, Kurosaki Ichigo
Rating/Warnings: PG for spirit violence? (Hey, they're fighting Hollows here.)

The moon shines waxing gibbous over Karakura, silver white beams spilling down from a cloudless sky in which each star shines like a tiny diamond. The moon bathes the landscape in frost-cool light; it reflects so clearly off the smooth white of the Hollows' masks that they seem almost like small moons themselves.

He should probably be glad for that, thinks Ishida Uryuu; it makes the enemy easier targets, after all - and the sooner they can end this battle, the happier he will be. The cool moonlight is deceptive, for the air is hot and unseasonably muggy for late spring, and sweat rolls down his back under his white tunic. Between himself and Kurosaki, they have already dealt with most of the dozen Hollows that decided to attack the town en masse tonight. Three to go - he sights down the glowing blue arc of his bow and releases a spirit arrow, and watches the vengeful spirit disintegrate. Make that two.

Kurosaki curses long and loud, and takes off running after the thin wisp of a Hollow that attempts to flee the scene. Ishida tries to fight in silence (a task easier to accomplish when the shinigami isn't right beside him being annoying). Should anyone unable to see the spirit world stumble across this battle, only he himself will be visible or audible. Asano has already regaled his friends with stories of seeing him during the Menos Grande fight, and Ishida would prefer to avoid adding any more fuel to his school reputation as a freak and a hopeless dork.

The reiatsu of another Hollow vanishes with the peculiar shimmer that marks it as having been cleansed. Only one more to go and hopefully they can rest for tonight....

That one, he realizes, is rapidly approaching his current position from the side, with Kurosaki in hot pursuit. He forms the reikyuu as he turns, sets it to his bowstring and draws, taking aim on the Hollow with a precision so long practiced it has become instinct.

However, he doesn't release the spirit arrow, not yet. Kurosaki is still gaining on the thing. If the shinigami's zanpakutou makes the strike, the Hollow's soul - so long as it wasn't evil in life - will be granted another chance.

His own attack would destroy the soul forever. No more chances, even had it been pure as a saint's before losing out to hopelessness, despair, or corruption by other Hollows.

Kurosaki sees him holding his fire, sees the masked spirit bearing down on him, and throws on a fresh burst of speed. "Oi, don't forget about me!" he bellows, and calls the Hollow's attention back to himself a scant second before his zanpakutou comes down, shattering the mask.

The Hollow, cleansed, evaporates skywards.

Kurosaki lets his spirit form collapse back to lie spread-eagled on his back in the grass, gasping for breath - so Ishida can allow himself to do the same... in a rather more dignified manner, of course. The blue-trimmed white uniform of a Quincy is more prone to showing grass stains than the shinigami's black shihakushou.

"Why the hell did you hesitate?!" the familiar voice growls without warning. "If I hadn't managed to catch up to that last one -"

"You did catch up to it, though," Ishida murmurs quietly, and shrugs. "I knew you would, before it could reach me. And why upset the balance of souls any more than is necessary?"

From the corner of his eye, he can see Kurosaki open his mouth. The lines of his perpetual frown carve themselves deeper than usual, and then ease before the mouth closes again, its protest unspoken. Good: for once the shinigami doesn't feel the need to claim the last word.

He's about to look away again when a glint at the edge of his peripheral vision distracts him, and he tenses. A fleck of leftover spirit power, perhaps? It was not the moon, or reflection of a streetlight. Do they have another attack to worry about, or perhaps a stray ghost requiring soul burial...?

Another tilt of the head and suddenly he realizes the glint is nothing more than the light of one of those gem-bright stars in the night sky, distorted by the bezeled edge of his glasses lens. Ishida lets out the held breath and relaxes again.

"Problem?" asks Kurosaki.

The Quincy shakes his head. "It's nothing."

Unbeta'd; my apologies if it sucks. At least I didn't squeak in right before the deadline this time? ^^;;
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